Mountain Safari


Mountain Safari

Go on a safari in the Dhofar Mountains

You will cross typical Jabali villages on the way through the Jebel Samhan mountain range. Along picturesque landscapes you will reach a breathtaking plateau at a high of almost 1400m.

This location is also referred to as the 'Grand Canyon' of the Dhofar Mountains. From here you have in good weather a breathtaking view over the east coast to one side and the big 'Qara' mountain range to the other side. Stop at one of the world's largest 'sink holes' (211m deep & 150m in diameter), the Tawi Attair, which also means 'Well of Birds', which frequent this place all year round visit over.

Again and again, you stop in between unique landscapes and viewpoints for photo stops. Another highlight is the 'evergreen Wadi Darbat', where you can take a relaxing walk along the wadi bed surrounded by camel, goat & cattle herds. Close to the picturesque village of Taqah, drive to the well-known Taqah Plateau for fantastic panoramic views from the cliff down to the coast. With a bit of luck you will discover a dolphin herd, rays or turtles from up here.

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