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For your comfort all our cabins have own bathrooms and we provide towels as well as bathrobes.
Please make sure that the portholes in your cabin are closed while the boat is sailing.

Please don't throw anything into the toilet!
To protect the marine life of the Sea and to avoid a blockage of the toilet, we kindly ask to throw toilet paper and sanitary products only into the bins designated for this. The crew takes care for a regularly disposal.

The sundecks, salon and cabins are dry areas. Please do not use the salon or sundeck with wet diving or swimming suit.

Please note that it is not allowed to wear shoes onboard. Outside of the salon and the cabins you can wear bathing shoes or light sailing shoes if you like.

Smoking is not allowed in the cabins and in the salon . Our liveaboard is equipped with fire detectors and alarm will automatically be activated in case of smoke.
Please use ashtrays and do not throw cigarettes into the sea. Cigarette filters are non biodegradable and may damage the reefs and harm the marine life.

For your safety onboard, life jackets, life rafts, floating devices are available. You will find fire extinguishers in the cabins, salon and engine room.
Our Crew is trained in safety procedures.

If you like to sleep outside, please take along a sleeping bag and use the mattresses on the sundeck.
It is not allowed to take bed sheets, covers or mattresses out of the cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is served as open buffet. Soft drinks, tea, coffee, water and snacks available at no extra charge. For Aggressor Yachts, please visit the website -

Onboard we have 220 volt power outlets, we suggest to take along an European adaptor.

Each diver is required to have the following mandatory documents:

  • Brevet
  • Medical certificate not older than one year
  • Diving insurance
  • Logbook

For Aggressor Yachts, please visit the website -

Each diver is required to bring along the following mandatory equipment:

  • Dive computer (spare battery recommended)
  • Depth gauge and watch, Dive planer
  • Regulator with alternate air source
  • Surface marker buoy (SMB)
  • Torch
  • Weight belt even with integrated weight jackets
  • Mask, snorkel, fins and BCD

Diving Safaris require a minimum level of experience of at least 30 logged dives.
Brothers, Zabargad, Daedalus & Rocky (Marine Park) require 50 logged dives according to the Egyptian Law.

The maximum depth for diving with compressed air or enriched air (Nitrox) in the Red Sea is 40 meters (if the training qualifications and the experience of the diver allow it) according to the Egyptian Law.
For Enriched Air diving the maximum depth is up to a partial pressure of Oxygen (PPO2) = 1.4 ATA.

According to the Egyptian law:

  • Brothers, Zabargad, Daedalus & Rocky require a minimum of 50 logged dives
  • Night dives and snorkelling are prohibited in the marine parks
  • Keep off the islands Zabargad and Rocky

We recommend a diving insurance which incurs any expenses for rescue, medical evacuation, transfer and hyperbaric chamber treatment in case of a diving accident.

Please note that we do not have any rental equipment onboard. We suggest to take along spare parts like mask and fin straps, repair kit for the regulator as well as batteries, films and spare bulb for your torch. For Aggressor Yachts, please visit the website -

Please prebook Nitrox with your agent. For Aggressor Yachts, please visit the website -

  • Hunting, fishing, collecting or destroying corals and shells is prohibited
  • It is prohibited to throw anything in the sea including oil, garbage, grease, etc…
  • It is prohibited to use boat anchors in protected areas
  • Feeding fishes and birds is forbidden
  • It is forbidden to use diving gloves and knives
  • It is not allowed to walk on corals or reefs
  • The maximum diving depth is 40 m by law!

In case of an accident we have a First Aid Kit and two 50l oxygen tanks.
Our guides and the crew are trained in Emergency First Aid.
Please be informed that we only have basic emergency medicaments on board. Please take a first-aid kit with you.

The language of our crew and our guides is english.

We accept Euro, US Dollar and in each destination the national currency. Payment with credit cards is just possible on Aggressor Yachts.

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